Health Clearances:
  • Parentage DM: N/N
  • Parentage MDR1: +/+
  • PennHip DI: .28/.27 - 90th Percentile
  • OFA Hips: Excellent (Prelim) at 20 months
  • OFA Elbows: Normal (Prelim) at 20 months

Fenix came to us from King's Silbertal in Germany. He comes from a long line of IPO titled dogs and was brought to Parsons to increase working drives, temperament stability and hardness in our own, as well as other American lines. After a long search, we found a breeder that had the same strive for a total dog, while paying strict attention to strict requirements pertaining to health for the betterment of the breed entire. Fenix is just as strong and correct in his physicality and health as he is in temperament. He is a high drive boy that is afraid of nothing. He is confident in his carriage and seems to not have a care in this world. He is highly intelligent, and is learning commands at a faster rate than many of our other dogs. He is very eager to be trained and is already starting bitework for his French ring training.